Choreography: Laura Matano
Performers: Giorgia Casini, Diletta Cannizzo, Elisa Ferrari,
Elena Fontana, Federica Formentini, Evelyn Moratti,
Cinzia Salvarani, Giorgia Zoni, Silvia Zoni
Light Design: Andrea Bassi
Grafic and Video Projection: Emanuela Chiapponi

Looking for a destination.

10 dancers who lives in a common space, rapresented with a big packaging box

The box is space of travel, the intereaction between the perople and the container are analyzed and calculated to meet the space of the others

The box become home where living memories and try to look beyond



42124 was seen at:

Spazio Gerra - Reggio Emilia (Italy) - July 30, 2010
Via Due Gobby - Reggio Emilia (Italy) - May 06, 2011
roBOt Festival 04 - Bologna (Italy) - September 29, 2011
OFFicina 3.0 - Reggio Emilia (Italy) - March 31, 2011
Notte Verde di Forlì - Forlì (Italy) - May 05, 2011

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